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oh the holiday.

Tonight I started making the infamous Schakett family Four-Layer Delight, all by myself, for the first time ever, without supervision. I am nervous if the crust is going to be right, if the cream cheese is going to be blended in well enough to the cool whip and powdered sugar, if Vegard and my dad are going to want to eat it for breakfast. I hope it is okay. The recipe couldn’t be more simple… there is a reason I was entrusted with it. But still… though room for error is small, there still is room.

Today I made eggnog lattes and peppermint mochas at Starbucks. I consumed a couple Peppermint JoeJoe’s when I got home. I started Christmas shopping this afternoon. And I turned on the Christmas music while I was in the kitchen putting the delightful layers together. Apparently the holiday season is here.

I had a strong since of nostalgia for some reason earlier today of Christmas with the Mase’s last year… and the couple of weeks that I spent with my grandparents exactly one year ago. Three hundred and sixty five days have gone by. It doesn’t “feel” like it, but I don’t really even know what that means.

Am I going to spend another Christmas season trying to figure out how to make it not just less materialistic, but not materialistic at all? The years go by fast. Too fast to not figure this out immediately.

I am trying not to pessimistic, or sinister even when I consider how America (or the world), considers the holidays, because that defeats the purpose.

Like everyday, it is about kingdom living. Restoring the earth, restoring people.

His kingdom come, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I want to seek that earnestly. That is why Jesus came. To save, to restore: all things.

May my words and deeds and gifts be those that restore and actively further the kingdom of God.

Lord help me.

I also just got a new lens off of craigslist. I am loving it.. but have a lot to learn and a steady hand to acquire. Its a Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro. Pretty awesome. So, these pics are practice with the new toy. Unedited and rough… but it was either as is or no pics. Its bedtime.

And yes, I realize the seeming contradiction of acquiring things while talking about not being materialistic. We (I), must hold all things lightly and take nothing for granted. Having enough to eat today was grace… even though I am used to eating I must remember the immense blessing of having a full stomach.


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My friend Laura got a group together to raise a little money… to bring a lot of hope, and life. Click on the link above and you can join the team of East and West coasters.

You can go here: GenerosityWater to find out more about the project.

My theory is that loving your neighbor in this way.. instilling hope and preserving life for those who are in distress, will have eternal impact. Care for the least of these, is imperative. And then… most importantly, as you give of finances, you are generally more likely to intercede for a people who desperately need Jesus. So pray that as their physical thirst is quenched, they seek the living water that satisfies eternally.

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Check Marks.

It is confession time. I did not do great at the sit on the couch list. 

I read in the books that I planned on, but did not finish anything. I listened to some podcasts but am not up to date. I took pictures but am no more versed on photography than I was pre-couch. I did organize my iCal a bit and my dad properly backed up my oh-so-important computer. I laid out a bit to try and cure my inside the house blues. Meh.. I don’t feel like going over all of the quasi-successes and blatant failures. Although I did not adhere to the list, I know that the what ended up being 10 days, were not wasted.

The greatest conclusion that I came to is that I can easily work myself up over not knowing what the fall holds for me. After dwelling on that for a couple of days I realized the nobody knows what the fall holds for them. Although there may be plans, nobody really knows what God is going to do, what consequences of their sin will be, or how consequences of other’s sin will affect them. “Knowing” what is coming is a false sense of security and an allusion of control that we don’t actually have. Even in the falsity and allusion however, we find comfort. So now, I am having to face my lack of control and security. Although it is far from comfortable in the normal way that I seek comfort, it is in fact comforting to know that I am being honest with myself about not having control, about having fears, and really learning to trust God with my life. I am trusting that HIS will is done, not my own. 

Even as far as the days post-surgery went… I had plans for them, but God had others. I am thankful that his will trumps mine… and praying that I always allow that to be the case.

Switching gears…

Here are some websites to check out if you are looking to give financially or to serve. Each of them I either know the people personally or they are friends of close friends. 

Baan Immanuel

AFJN: Africa Faith and Justice Network – What we do

To Write Love on Her Arms > Vision

Machine Gun Preacher Angels of East Africa

Global Fast – about us

Angels of East Africa homepage

Wild Hope

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