Bucket List.

Apparently this list is necessary for blogging. I like it.

1. Backpack Travel

2. Orphanage Overseas

3. Laser Eye Surgery

4. Tell my niece and nephew stories of their childhood.

5. Organize a family reunion.

6. Get married.

7. Run a marathon.

8. Surf on a shortboard. (Progress, surfed a fish…)

9. Graduate College.

10. Join a recreational sports league.

11. Watch a baby being born.

12. Learn to Kiteboard. (started 7.18.11)

13. Have some writing published.

14. Swim in natural hot springs.

15. Cook a meal for the homeless and hand deliver it.

16. House travelers.

17. Study History…

18. Ride an elephant (not just in circle at a fair).

19. Go whale watching.

20. See Niagara Falls.

21. Hike Machu Picchu.

22. Dance in the rain. Really dance.

23. Go to Israel.

24. Grand Canyon.

25. Skydive.

26. Yellowstone.

27. Visit all 50 states as an adult (at least one night).

(Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin)

28. 24 hours of 24.

29. Be a contestant on American Gladiators.

30. Catch a fish… and eat it that day. (caught a couple of mini rock bass in Northern Wisconsin, watched and learned while Capn Dave gutted a couple… then did one myself… and Karley battered and fried em up for us. pretty delish.)

31. Drive on the Autobahn.

32. Take an Irish Car Comb in Ireland.

33. Camp on the Channel Islands.

34. Go to Big Sur.

35. Develop film in a dark room.

36. Cruise with friends.

37. Cook a 4 course meal entirely from scratch.

38. Make my mom’s Red Velvet Cake.

39. Road trip in a camper up to Northern Ca, Oregon and Washington.. then over several states. (went to Canada instead… all on the honeymoon. GLORIOUS)

40. Fall in love.

41. Pay all my bills.

42. Have a pen pal.

43. Host Thanksgiving at my house.

44. Go a year without nailpolish.

45. Spend quality time with my grandparents.

46. Make a habit of sacrifice.. and really feel it.

47. Figure out how to make this life not about me.

48. Do something that terrifies me.

49. Learn to skateboard.

50. Take a photo that is good enough to blow up and put on my wall.

51. Figure out what my gifts are, and learn to use them for others.

52. Sydney Opera House

53. Drive-in movie.

54. Baby

55. Become proficient at knitting and crocheting.

56. Make a quilt from memorable t-shirts.

57. Have a garden.

58. Grow out my natural hair color. Its light brown.

59. Hike a reallly BIG mountain.

60. Memorize a book of the Bible. (Started March 2010)

61. Do a triathlon (Santa Barbara Tri 2011)

62. Swim with a dolphin (and sharks)


One response to “Bucket List.

  1. Aub-Dawg

    if you come back to me, i can make many of these things happen 🙂

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