Graduate from UCSB with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Exercise Health Science who hurdled, jumped, threw and sprinted for the track team. Ole. Now she does none of those things and takes one day at a time trying to adjust to a non-student athlete life.

She dreams of opening… something… that equips people to live life to the fullest in the way it was created to be lived.

Her ankles crack when she walks around, especially in the morning and when walking up stairs. Olives make her gag but she can consume hummus by the tubfull. You can often spot her crying to sappy commercials and country songs on the radio, and laughing at you uncontrollably when you stub your toe.



One response to “Dreamer.

  1. ashlee

    this is all so true. i’m dearly going to miss living with your cracking joint, olive hating, hummus gorging, emo, hick, sick sense of humor self.

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