sarah tappen.

“I heard a plain sermon from these words, ‘What shall it profit a man tho’ he gain the whole world and lose his own soul.’ I recollected I had often heard sermons from that text, but never the truth as it was enforced. The impression was deep and lasting… From this time, without anyone to assist me, the truths contained in the Bible opened more fully to my mind, and I read and heard with a great astonishment at my past willful ignorance. I was indeed as one new born, and God’s glorious character was visible in all his works to that degree that I thought it wonderful the stones did not upbraid man with his ingratitude, for all else that had breath or life seemed to utter forth his praise…And through many temptations and much weakness, I have been enabled to persevere and to receive light more abundantly. I am waiting in hope for my great change, when I shall be freed from sin, and prayer shall cease to be a delightful privilege, all, all, all shall be turned to praise… but here my heart must have continued sorrow for those who will not believe.”

-a portion of a letter from Sarah Tappen found in The Night Cometh by Rebecca Winter

This woman is my hero. I think this is my first real hero. Dominique Moceanu and Mia Hamm don’t really count. And saying Jesus, although he is in the greatest sense of what a hero is… is kinda a cop-out. and same goes for Paul. But this Sarah chick. Her story… rocked my socks right off.



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3 responses to “sarah tappen.

  1. Barefoot is good. it keeps you much more aware of where you are walking.

  2. lauriallison

    hah. took me longer than i would like to admit to get that.. then i laughed. and nodded and felt like writing a whole other post about that. thankyoumuch.

  3. for sure looking forward to hearing more about this book and what you are thinking. i have a short list of books to hash through at some point. some really cool thought out there and simple tangible ways to live out faith and grace day to day. ahhh. yeah stoked for sure.

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