oh my heart.

Luke William.

Born 03-04-05…. turns 6.

As I went through these pics and many many others I cried. This little man has such a huge grip on my heart. I can’t believe I’ve known him for six years.. such a short time.. but I also can’t remember our family without him. He brought us together.

As I look through the pics of me and Rach squishing his sugar cheeks together with our kisses… I can see his graduation from highschool… from college… on his wedding day. Life goes fast. It is treasure.

At some point he is gonna fall in love. He may have his heart broken, he may break someone else’s. At some point he is going to stand up for someone, and later need someone to stand up for him. He will do well on a test, and on one he may be disappointed. He will try and succeed and try and fail. He’ll most likely break something and have to wait for it to heal. Someone he loves will die. He will dance to his favorite music.  He’ll figure out if what he liked when he was little stays the same. He may grow to like melted cheese. He will have regrets. He will have hopes. He will see how big the world is and will know how small he is. He will dream anyway. He will see.

I am praying that he learns at a young age that his life is not his own, that he was bought with a price.


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  1. Rachel luke's mom

    Well this made me cry! Here I thought he was just turning 6 and you rushed him all the way to his wedding day! Although I know in reality that is right around the corner I have to say I’m looking forward to every speed bump along the way! I love every minute with him and treasure the gift God has given me to be his mom! I pray equipped with the right tools for this specific child who will someday be a grown man!
    Love you lou and I can’t wait to share another squished face kiss!

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