my utmost.

My Utmost for His Highest is a book that I will be reading for the rest of my life. Every day is jam packed with lil nugget-sucker-punches to the nitty-gritty of the heart and soul.

Here are some of those from the last few days:

We should get into the habit of continually seeking His counsel on everything, instead of making our own commonsense decisions and then asking Him to bless them… If we do something simply out of a sense of duty, we are trying to live up to a standard that competes with Jesus Christ.

Unless we are experiencing the hurt of facing every deception about ourselves, we have hindered the work of the Word of God in our lives. The Word of God inflicts hurt on us more than sin every could, because sin dulls our senses… but the moment that pain is felt, is the very moment that God reveals his truth to us.

The love of God pays no attention to my prejudices caused by my natural individuality. If I love my Lord, I have no business being guided by natural emotions–I have to feed his sheep… Beware of counterfeiting the love of God by following your own natural human emotions, sympathies, or understandings. That will only serve to revile and abuse the true love of God.

I had read these words many times over the years and each time I read I am challenged and refined.. because they are based in the word of God that is sharper than a double-edged sword… one that cuts as it goes in and as it comes out. owww.


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