rain clouds.

i was driving down the 101 today, taking in the gorgeous blue sky and admiring the bellowing, white puffy clouds in the distance when suddenly some wet drops appeared on my windshield. initially i thought it may be the wiper fluid from the car in front of me… but there wasn’t one. but it couldn’t be rain… then i looked at the car next to me and they had some drops, too. i was baffled. then i  looked up through my sunroof and saw this measly rain could right above me. i felt like i was in a cartoon.

i can picture a little animated man with the tiny cloud hovering over his head while he shakes his fist to the air in irritation, the shiny bald head fuming.

i am thankful that at this stage in my life i don’t have the impulse to shake my fist in defiance. i understand the beauty of the rain and all that it accomplishes.

now i can see an animated freckled girl with messy hair tilting her head back with closed eyes and feeling the rain pit-pat on her cheeks.


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  1. gwen

    …but you said you were driving…:/

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