Without success I have been trying to figure out a clear direction to take my blog.
My futile efforts have left my blog utterly abandoned for the past several months. So, today I decided to give it some attention.
I still don’t have direction for the blog and I’d rather not bore you with the details of my life (you are welcome), so I will just leave a few tidbits of… things.

At Starbucks (my new place of work), we have a sticker graffiti artist. She (or he) places flower stickers on the door hinge nearly every day. Nearly every day I have to stretch to peel them off. Sorry sticker artist, they are beautiful but my boss does not love them.

My not-quite-three year old niece responds with “I know that” to most things, even if she did not know. To her credit, I will admit that she does know a lot. And she is really cute.

I get to go to Papua New Guinea with Hume!! The trip is October 11-28th. I have been wanting to do an international trip with Hume since before I officially started working there… back when Darin McWatters (I hope you get a google alert), told me that I would get to go as part of my job… 🙂 So, even though it is later than I anticipated, it is perfect timing. Darin, I will send you pics, don’t worry.

The couple of days I spent in Mammoth with my family and Karley left me with a deep desire to go back… for a long time. Lots of “ings” to do: Mountain biking, picture taking, hiking and cliff jumping, sailing, dirt bike riding, good deal finding, rock climbing, camping, and hopefully one day Westy living.

I have started the process of writing for a magazine. This is a life-long dream come true… So, more on this later. My first trial articles, laid out in a two-page spread, are due next week. They are Farm Girl and Beat it… Healthy eating and exercise for the every day girl. This challenge has been such a blessing.

My nephew started Kindergarten… wow. Really? He’s got a bit of his aunt’s blood: freckles, allergic to mosquitos, gets the “most coachable” award, and has a couple of competitive bones.

My dad left Bank of America and started his own company with one of his best friends. Dignified Transition Services… for loss mitigation. My mom loves his new schedule and I am very excited for this new season in their lives. And, my very own Karley Mase did their branding.

Well, now that this is starting to sound like a Christmas card… I think its time to move on.

I leave without any promises of another post in the near future. My thoughts tend to take awhile to get ejected in any sort of comprehendible manner.



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2 responses to “direction.

  1. Who needs direction? My blog is mostly random things I’ve thought about.

  2. ash

    I love you and your life.
    There is mu h in this post I did not know about and I. am. really. dying. to know more.

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