Britt has been going through a series titled Missio Christi. So rad. As a church we are learning to live in light of our “sent-ness,” we are, afterall, on a mission from Jesus. In all his wisdom!,  Britt made a slight detour and took us though a mini-series on Reality as a church and what the goal of the church is… emphasizing the church as a body and not merely a building. Its simple.

Jesus went to people. He taught his disciples to go to people. We are to go to people.

I find it sad that I have to wonder how many Christians actually follow Christ.

I had a conversation with myself the other day and was getting all heated at the fact that most people who calls themselves Christians haven’t ever followed Jesus. Then I turned the question back on myself. Where have I followed Jesus? Thank God that I had some answers… but to be honest, I did not have nearly enough. Every nook and crany of my life, when examined, should be in the dust of my Lord.

So that is my aim.


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