I am a dreamer

needing direction.

I am content

needing a challenge.

I am a wild heart

needing to be tamed.

I am a giver

needing a recipient.

I am a worker

needing rest.

I am a napper

needing to wake.

I am a sacrifice

needing a cause.

I am selfish

needing less of me.

I am a stickler

needing compassion.

I am a line pusher

needing lines.

I am needy

needing to give space.

I am independant

needing a friend.

I am insecure

needing the truth.

I am confident

needing to fear God.

I am stubborn

needing to bend.

I am clay

needing to be shaped.

I am an encourager

needing support.

I am an optimist

needing to be realistic.

I am a willing ear

needing a sound voice.

I am a student

needing to teach.

I am a runner

needing to be healed.

I am a dancer

needing a song.

I am strong

needing to let go.

I am a cryer

needing permission.

I am curious

needing an answer.

I am certain

Needing to face questions.

I am a contradiction

I don’t know what I need.

Except for this:

I am a sinner

desperately needing grace.



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2 responses to “Me.

  1. ash

    beautiful. you.


  2. scarrymama

    That was so beautiful, so real.

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