Big Plans…

Tomorrow at 1:45pm I am going to have an achilles tendon from a cadaver replace my severed anterior cruciate ligament. In other words, I am having knee surgery. I realize  I rarely have an opportunity to sit for 2 weeks… and this is a great one. I am making a list of things that I would like to do, and not do, for the next 2 weeks. If you have any suggestions, I will consider them.

1. Read Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharius.

2. Finish The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs (sooo funny, Ash I love it).

3. Talk about Crazy Love with Breana. 

4. Make sure my computer is backed up.

5. Organize my iCal.

6. Learn about my camera and how to really use it.

7. Organize iTunes.

8. Listen to Reality Podcasts and get up to date. 

9. Blog about birds.

10. Call people that I have talked to in over 3 months. 

11. Take prayer requests and spend time actually requesting them.

12. Memorize a verse every other day. (accountability people!!)

13. Keep ears open for direction of what to do in the fall.

14. Whiten teeth.

15. Soak up some sun.

16. Figure out how to serve while being helpless.

17. Have a good attitude always.

18. Give thanks in all circumstances.

19. Study the Bible. 

20. Let Jesus be enough…

and as far as limitations…

1. Facebook once a day, max.

2. Extremely limited tv and movie watching. Only in the case of too many drugs to function.

3. Absolutely no whining. 


Alright, that is the scoop. On another post I will give the scoop on the other goods of my life. 

Peace people. Real, real peace.




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3 responses to “Big Plans…

  1. Glen

    Funny, I was just organizing my to-dos.

  2. Aub-Dawg

    am i gonna be one you call? i have a list of books you could read!!!

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