123’s & ABC’s

1 Wonderful Place

2-day trips to Tahoe
3-4 days spent wearing a Red Coat most weeks.
5 months of living at Hume
6 days in LA with JWI.
7 days in Costa Rica.

8 treats in the annual Valentine’s Day package from mom!
9 people working in the Ranch House.


A llow me to fill you in on my life. One change that is rather significant… there is a

B OY!  I’ll present more details as you ask individually… but know that he is pretty stinkin great. With friends, we play cards and

C ribbage at least once a week. at least. From time to time we will go down the hill and take a

D ay off in Fresno. We’ll buy groceries, eat non-dining hall food, go to a movie… On the hill we are constantly refilling our
E mpty coffee cups. There are some excellent coffee conneseuirs/baristas up here. Living up here has been such a blessing because you live, work and spend days off with
F riends… it is a rather large family.  Listening to the different stories of how people ended up on this nice lil hill, it is easy to see
G od’s huge plan, and that he is the one in control and driving this place.

Winter Camp is in full swing… So I have been introduced to Broom

H ockey. It is brutal and fantastic. I watch the kids get crazy out there… and we get to play as staff once a week. I miss contact sports 🙂 If it isn’t obvious enough already, just to let you know-
I am a happy girl. I wish everyone could love their

J ob like I do. Hume is a machine full of people wanting to serve. I really respect the work that is done here. Poke around on the Hume website and you’ll find the pluthera of conferences and camps that we have up here : www.humelake.org Also, go to www.humeapparel.com and you can see (and order!) the fun clothing
K arley designs. He is a talented booger.  (and no, that wasn’t a plug… I just wanted to brag).
This past week was the Joshua trip to

L os Angeles. I’ll have to do a separate blog on it. It was fantastic: stretching, eye-opening, encouraging… Loved it. Originally going on that trip meant that I would be missing Corin
M cLaughlin’s one year doctor appointment… but it was moved! So, I got to tag along.. and actually had to hold him down while he got a shot 😦 He is such a fun lil boy who I have loved watching learning to walk , talk, build, sing, head butt, destroy, type, chug… and all sorts of other fun things. His momma is Elisa. She is so great. For Christmas I benefited from her fantastic knitting skills… she made me an excellent green beanie. She makes all sorts of beanies, loose, fitted, flapped.. and also makes gloves. So impressive, she

N ever stops. She started teaching me a couple weeks ago… I have a ways to go…
Thursdays we usually watch shows at the McWatter’s. The

O ffice is by far my favorite. Although, this week I got hooked on American Idol because Ann Marie Boscovich is on it… a good friend of one of my besties from high school. She is amazing. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=50494731372&ref=ts
Also at the McWatter’s are
P arties for every occasion. Shannon, always with help from Jayne, is excellent at making delicious food in large
Q uantities, and Darin has finessed his sarcasm and ability to silence the dinner table with one awkward comment. Skills.
R ain and
S now boots don’t keep me from slipping. My toes stay warm, which is nice, but I just know that eventually I will be blogging about a tragic slipping incident. Speaking of slipping, and slidding… Hume has a killer
T ube run. It is way faster than I anticipated even after hearing all of the stories that I heard about them having to slow it down with hay because it was just way too slick. It has quite the impressive set-up. You pick a tube, walk it over to the lift, have a seat while the operator hooks you

U p… and then up you go. Once you reach the top you stay in as you are unloaded, lined up, and then pushed down the hill. It is the ultimate lazy man’s tube run experience. Quite pleasant. You should come and try it.

V isitors are great and always welcome… Chandi will be here on Wednesday and through the
W eekend!! She’ll get to see the High School Camp in action which should be fun. Its been snowing a bit  finally… and hopefully  more will come soon to stick around.

X– Games have been this week… didn’t get to watch them yet but thankfully my dad recorded them! Woo. Thanks dad. I’m looking forward to OOing and AHing over those soon.

Redcoating has been such a blast. I have only been working the highschool camps, so the past 2 weeks I’ve been off and won’t be in the coat again until the 13th and 20th weekends. I’m really looking forward to that.
Y elling at and chasing runaway campers was a great first lead counseling experience. I was basically ended up being the make-out police and trouble-camper attractor. I think Jeremy planned that for my initiation. Because of all the stress I was rewarded with some Hume clothes… 🙂

So, another interesting fact is that my truck got hit a couple weeks ago. A fellow staffer was driving home and slid on the ice into my truck and push it into Kelcie’s car. I had a dangling taillight for awhile… but nothing that duct tape can’t handle 🙂 Right now it is in Fresno getting fixed up at
Z J’s Autobody. A whoppin $3k. Thankfully his insurance is covering all of it.

Well… that is about all I feel like writing since I used up the entire alphabet. Hopefully more posts and pictures will be coming soon!


(the weird spacing is driving me nuts… tried and failed many times to figure it out. so no, there is no method to it.)



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2 responses to “123’s & ABC’s

  1. This is so fun Lauri! You are so creative. I am glad you are back…I missed you the other night.

  2. ash

    ooohhh, that was cool.

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