Hello people! Well… this is what I am up to:

Right now I am at my dear friend Elisa’s house while she and Eugenie (Jeff Lilley’s sweet wife) knit away. I got to play with Corin, Elisa and Chester’s long-lashed little boy who is turning one in a couple weeks. He is master at destroying my impressive block creations… so much fun. I came over after having a lazy morning at my house and was welcomed by a soy cappucino with agave. So great. I am currently working on my second one… I feel like I have my own personal barista. Life is good. And, for more reasons than that 🙂 The rest of the day I plan on continuing to read and journal and simply give myself some time to process everything and force myself to be still… but a productive stillness, not a lazy one.

Darin was the speaker at Winter Camp this past weekend, and in his last message he coined “active stillness.” It caused a chain of thought that was challenging. In striving to serve and pour out He often eversogently reminds me to “Be still, and know that he is God.” Afterall, he is the only one who causes growth or any kind of fruit. However, it seems that my times of stillness often end up in ceasing. I just uncheck my brain and let it unwind. When I thought about  active stillness though, I was convicted that it was too self- serving. How can I pour out and exhaust myself for others, but in my time of stillness before him, become lazy and want to receive without truly seeking? So, I am currently working on that one.

My day at Elisa’s is following two weekends of high school winter camps, two days at Tahoe snowboarding, four days of Family Camp and three weeks of Christmas break which consisted of Costa Rica, Wisconsin, home and Santa Barbara. I would be blogging for hours if I went over all of that. So, I will post some pictures soon… Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

This weekend coming up there is a Coach’s Retreat which I will be involved with, plugging the Hume/FCA Women’s soccer camp that I have been putting together for next fall. The website is almost ready to be available for the world… I will post that link soon. The winter camp this weekend is going to be huge, so I am hoping to get plugged in as much as possible with it as well. Because of the Coach’s Retreat I am having to miss Reality’s High School Winter Camp which is such a bummer. I miss my ladies… and the leaders… and the punk boys as well.

In the next month I am getting some visitors and am soo excited. Breana and Katie are coming up together the end of January and then Chandi is coming early-mid February. And there is talk of Diana coming to play soon, too!! This is great. Ashlee and Allie came the beginning of December and it was so nice to be able to share my new lil life with them. So- visitors are very welcome… just lots of patience in figuring out a good time is highly necessary!!

Well, the gingerbread is ready to be taken out of the over… and I am itching to learn to knit. I suppose my blog time is over. I am hoping to get into the groove of consistency with blogging… we’ll see 🙂

Lots of love to you who read this… shoot me an email or call at my new number 559.305.7559




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2 responses to “Smiling.

  1. ash

    so happy to read this and know that you are enjoying yourself so much. =D

    tell Elisa i say hi.

  2. Aub-Dawg

    we miss you too, but people have been asking when we can go see you…

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