What I do.

Currently I have a nice long list of things to blog on… and this is definitely not one of them. However, I have been needing to make a new post, but after waiting so long it just seems daunting. I have been procrastinating. Shocker, I know 🙂

So, I decided to present a little FYI of my work life at Hume.

I am working on putting together the 2009 Women’s Soccer Conference. Hume works in conjunction with FCA for the Spring Football camps and we are currently trying to get a similar program off the ground for soccer. A few weeks ago was the inaugural soccer camp and I was given the opportunity to “be the face.” In other words, I was there with the girls at each meal and event, jumping in when they needed players, running their Group Initiative, making sure they knew and then got where they needed to be next, and hung out with them in their cabins at night. I loved it. So, in light of seeing the first program’s successes and areas of improvement, I am revamping it for next year. I love that I have a bit of freedom to be creative and really love it. It is my child : ) By mid-December I will have all the dates set and it will be ready to be Promo-ed.

Another project I am trying to develop is a fitness group for the women at Hume. It is in the very beginning stages… just brainstorming at this point. However, I am very excited about it and am hoping to get it going before snow is all over the place :O

Coming up I am going to be getting my hands dirty in the sales department… that will be a nice chunk of November and December. I am looking forward to that because although I am starting from scratch, I oddly like the idea of calling people I don’t know and talking to them about something I am passionate about. I will definitely have to keep you posted on that because I feel I will have ample opportunities to put my foot in my mouth or say something really awkward. (Don’t worry Darin…)

Another part of work is looking at this lovely computer and scouring the Internet for websites that I can learn from. And no, it doesn’t take long to find them… But, figuring out which ones are actually worth my eyes burning for hours… that takes a bit more discernment and fickleness.

Well, that is an overall picture of my office life. I admit I am not much of an office girl (yesterday in order to keep from losing my mind I had to move to the picnic tables), but at least as I sit my mind gets to engage in things that are nothing less than fantastic and right up the Lauri Schakett alley.

Alright friends, family, acquaintances and strangers… I apologize that this was not all that entertaining, but hopefully it gave you enough of a distraction to feel satisfied in getting back to doing whatever you were doing.




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2 responses to “What I do.

  1. Kyle Baker

    Something awkward will definitely be said. Can’t wait to hear about those opportunities.

    And you spoke in the 3rd person. I love it.

  2. Glen

    Lauri, found your blog. Stoked. Cheers.

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