Summit Reminder

I have been scouring the internet again for programs that share the goal of the program that God has placed on my heart. There is a lot out there. It has been fun to search… and as a side note… if you ever hear of anything that you think that I should know about, PLEASE pass it on.

The point was: I ventured back to the Summit Apologetic and Worldview Training Center that I attended this summer and found a blog that I had posted while I was there. I figured it was fitting to include it in my actual blog. So, here it is:

June 30, 2008
Session 4 | Day 2

I sit here in the lobby of the beloved Summit hotel and initially, given that this is only the second night, I feared that I would not have much to blog about. However, having anticipated this moment all evening I have realized that after a mere 48 hours, lives have been changed. To my right is a group of rambunctious teenagers/young adults playing a game that makes no sense… yet it is bringing an incredible amount of joy to them, as well as to their onlookers. It is in moments like these that people who were strangers from not just around the country, but around the world, become knit together as family. Also, outside on the quaint front porch, there is a group circled around some talented individuals playing guitar, while everyone else soaks in the moment and reflects on the day. Other people in the lobby are plugging away on their computers, signing up for white water rafting, or playing in the game room. I think my roommates (since I am in the old lady room 🙂 are debriefing and prepping for bed. Although it is only 10pm, after the Garden of the Gods, the bluegrass concert, and the all-you-can-eat Cowboy dinner, we are exhausted.

Tonight, Session 4 Summit students have found their niche and are getting comfortable with the people who they will be spending the next 2 weeks with. Today, sitting in a classroom, elbow to elbow, they were less than comfortable. One of our speakers, Chuck Edwards, morphed into a relentless university professor and challenged the class on their beliefs. Student after student anxiously raised their hand, anticipating their brilliant idea that would bring the “atheistic” professor to his knees and cause him to wave the white flag of surrender. It didn’t happen. Instead, these young adults, full of faith, were belittled, frustrated, angry, and slowly discouraged. Given the heightened tension level in the room, it felt far from a mock situation. I have had my share of angry challengers to my faith and am not as easily derailed as I once was. However, even today, I felt my pulse quicken and noticed my heart raging in my chest. I shifted in my seat.

I have to admit that I loved it. As frustrating as it was for the students who were so eager to be with one with the save-the-professor response who got stiff-armed, it was pivotal. How much better is it to be rendered speechless in a place like Summit, than next year in their entry level philosophy or bio class? I am confident that every person in the room felt the “realness” of the moment, and despite any other reason for coming to Summit, became convinced that they never wanted that to happen to them. Whether it is fear of the confrontation itself, or wanting to have those difficult questions answered, or simply out of obedience to the call of God to “always be ready to explain [your Christian hope]” (1 Peter 3:15), we are ready for the answers. We are ready to be equipped for every good work.

So, people at home, we need your prayers. We need diligence, patience, rest, clear minds, no distractions, self-discipline, soft hearts, absorbent minds… and anything else the Lord wants to give us so that we when leave we will remain eager to love and serve Him with all of our heart, with all of our soul, and with all of our mind.

“May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.” (2Thes 3:18)


Posted at 10:00 PM by Lauri Schakett

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