My boss.

So, I just felt compelled to share this story over the internet so you can allll know who I am dealing with.

This story happened last weekend, when as a Program staff we went into Fresno to brainstorm for next summer.

There were about 10 of us who came to the hotel on Thursday night. We spent all day Friday planning, and then got up on Saturday to continue where we left off. Rich Ferreirra, the director of Joshua, could not make it up until Saturday morning because of stuff going on at camp. Apparently he had been calling several of the people who were in the hotel because he needed a key to get up to us. He also had sent emails trying to reach us. For whatever reason, the calls and emails both went unanswered, so Rich went to the front desk to get a key. He told the lady that there was a group, Hume Lake, that had several rooms, and that he needed a key so that he could join the meeting. Unfortunately, the rooms were not booked under any name that he had listed to her… and she eventually told him to stop guessing. She suggested that he call us, and he told her that he had tried to call AND email, but had not gotten any response. Rich was getting frustrated because he knew we were there. He definitely made it a point to make that clear to her. He told her that he knew our cars and that they were in the parking lot, so he clearly had the correct hotel. Eventually she found Hume Lake in the system, so she called the rooms to get the “okay.” Darin picked up the phone. He didn’t exactly give her the ok she was looking for. Instead, he explained that Rich was our group’s stalker and that we had a restraining order against him. Apparently he had been following us for years, always finds us and shows up at our meetings. Darin wanted her to relay the message to him that if he didn’t leave, then he would personally call the police. So, she hangs up the phone, looks at Rich who is eager to finally get permission to have a key… and she tells him that he needs to leave or else the police will be called. Rich makes himself comfortable on the curb outside while the hotel bouncer keeps a close eye on him.

Eventually we convinced Darin that he needed to go and get Rich.

He did.

He told the lady about his joke.

This is the level of Hume Lake. 

They go big.


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  1. Kyle Baker

    Ruthless. Perfect.

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