Hume Lake :)

So.. I’m here!

I wish this captured it...

I wish this captured it...

I just completed my first week of the next chapter in my life. I am always tempted to say (and do say), that this is my new life. However, my life is not new. I am the same lady, with the same heart, in a different location. As I have been settling in this week and adjusting to my new surroundings and new faces, I have had ample time to think. I love that this is a new chapter. Chapters, in a well thought-out book, flow together. This chapter would not make any sense if it weren’t for my previous chapter in Santa Barbara. God knows that there will be plenty of reference back to that chapter, as well as many of the characters remaining!! At the moment I do not feel very philosophical or verbose… so I am going to give an outline for the story this week πŸ™‚
Move in.
My dad and I loaded up my new Nissan Frontier and headed up the mountain. I will be posting a pic soon of the spectacle that we were. The truck was full…
Once we got to Hume we unloaded and I unpacked all my personals and stuff that my dad doesn’t know what to do with, and he organized all of my technological toys. He had fun!! Well.. maybe not fun. But considering everything that I have was a gift from him, and he made it all functional for me to be able to use it, I am sure that he got some level of enjoyment out of it.
We missed dinner and breakfast because we had the wrong times, so twice we bonded over our favorite: PB&J. After breakfast and my run around the lake, we headed back down the hill (aka to Fresno) to do some shopping and to take him to the airport. It was surreal heading back up the hill by myself. The only security I had, which is the best to have anyway, was knowing that God had called me there.
I finished unpacking after purchasing Target… and made my cute little place feel like home.
**If you have any pictures that you think I should have in my room… please mail them!!
The Job.
People I meet around camp keep asking me what I do and I find myself in a 20 minute conversation. I am technically the “program intern.” My position as the program intern entails almost everything. We sat down and had a meeting about what the next couple of months, and then year, would look like. It was broken down like this: The next couple of months I will be exposed to as many different conferences, camps, and happenings around camp as possible. After that, we will go into detail about the program that we are going to build and start hammering it out. I like that I am getting to thrust into the chaos of Hume Lake to see its functionality first hand.
This past week I have worked the boat house (recreational rentals for guests), started the process of training to be certified in High Adventure (ropes course, climbing wall, etc), and attended two Joshua classes; one on the Old Testament, the other on Life Skillsm both of which I will be attending weekly. I also have had several meetings. The program team meets for updates on the previous week and upcoming events, there are meetings to hash out the details of the upcoming camps and conferences, and of course, the program women have a weekly meeting with some coffee πŸ˜‰
This week is the start of Spiritual Emphasis (SE) week. Oaks Christian Jr High is coming up!! I will update you on how that goes. The following week is SE for HS. And, the weekend in between the Program team (about 12 peeps) will be going down the hill to lock ourselves in a room for a few days to do summer planning. Its funny to think that we have to leave Hume, the place where people retreat, to have our retreat.
The People.
These are names that will probably be reoccuring, so take note.
Darin McWatters- My boss. Program director. Funny. Adorable family. Has people over quite a bit. Really excited to work through my program with him.
Jen Browning- Coworker/boss. She was an intern a few years ago so has been super helpful in my getting acquainted here. I spend the most time with her since we work in the same place, and I tag along everywhere she goes. I wonder when I am going to get annoying πŸ™‚
Jayne- Assistant to Darin. Also spend a lot of time with her in the office. Hates being called secretary. She is a great cook and a crazy driver.
Rachelle- The RA at Joshua. Cool chica from SD. I will be taking trips with her and the rest of the Joshua program so will be getting to know her well. She has a sweet plan of opening a program for inner city kids that is sort of along the lines of Joshua. This year will be throwing around ideas for each other I’m sure.
Nathan- Videographer. Goes on the international trips so I’l be tagging along with him at some point. Doesn’t like country music… Im working on it πŸ™‚
Charles Stoicu- Fellow Gaucho!! I actually knew him through RealLife so its fun to have a familiar face. Super hard worker and makes everyone work super hard. He pretty much works 24/7. I’ve done some manual labor for him around camp so I’m gonna stay buff.
Jen- The new women’s director for Joshua. She came from full time YoungLife staff so she has to be cool. Has an Obama sticker on her car and is proud of it. Can’t wait to get into some good convos with her.
Joy Mase- Outdoor Ed staff, and did Joshua last year. Met her when I came up last March. She’ll be leaving in 5 weeks, but returning in the spring. Her brother Karley is here, too.
Karley Mase- Joy’s bro. Hume’s graffic designer (I think..). Has been full time for 3 years. Plan on taking a couple wakeboarding trips, and many snowboarding trips to Tahoe. That should be good times. Rachelle and Nathan will also being going on those. And, apparently cribbage will be a common occurance at his house.
Eric Turner- Karley’s bff. Just up here visiting but apparently will be doing that a lot. Used to work at Hume but is now a wedding photographer. Has legit dance moves.
Stephanie- Will be here for a few more weeks during Spiritual Emphasis week… then leaving and hopefully coming back to be a lead counselor with me in the winter. She lives in Fresno when not at Hume, but will be moving to LA soon.
Tigra- Boat House and SE buddy. We will be working together quite a bit the next couple of weeks.
Jacob- Also BH and SE bud. Helps Charles with manual labor. We will be leading a sweet canoe trip for SE in the wee hours of the am. woo.
Justin Spicer- OE staff but will also be staying thru the winter. Spice is also a boarder so will be coming for the excursions. He has sweet hair.
Dallas- RA for Joshua. Joshua student 3 years ago. Super tall. Has empathy for a “different” name.
Chester & Alysa- (I’m for sure spelling her name wrong).. Anyway, amazingly cute couple with an amazingly cute child. He is 6 months and makes me miss Luke and Heidi terribly. Had a bonfire the other night with s’mores… and she makes a killer cup of coffee. Also, she and I will be running buddies which is very exciting.
Jay, Derek, Reed, Jeremy, Rich, & Shep are also all program. So, will be working with them and meeting with them throughout the year. I hope to glean from their wisdom.

Well.. that’s the update for now. I’d like to know how you are doing, too. So…
write me at:
64144 Hume Lake Rd., Hume, CA, 93628
or call me at 559.355.2000 ext 173
That would be fantastic.
I love and miss you all.



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4 responses to “Hume Lake :)

  1. I seriously love reading your blogs!! They are so well written and very enjoyable =) You definitely have a gift for writing… most people can’t keep me entertained for 20 minutes with their blog πŸ˜‰ I look forward to hearing more about your adventures! I love your random thoughts, also =P its inspiring and very thoughtful! You’ll have to let me know when you’re back in SB town, we still have to get together and have some coffee!! Talk to you later,


  2. ashlee

    i love you and your heart. praying for you and this journey you’re on.

  3. George and Noah JWI

    Allo…. hope your leg feels better… heard you got quite the rasberry

  4. Great issue, I didn’t thought this would be so stunning when I looked at your title with link!!

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