Ducks that go bottom’s up have always made me laugh.
I took a trip around the lake yesterday, and after laughing out loud to myself watching them, I saw myself in them. Yes. I felt like a duck.
I kinda feel bottom’s up right now. It’s not the most comfortable position, and I won’t be in it forever. However, there is purpose in it, and I was designed to do it.
Watching the other ducks watch… we’ll call her… Larry… was equally amusing. Of course they have been bottom’s up before, countless times. But they knew she was on to something. Over and over she went bottom’s up in that area. She drew them in. One by one…

I love how God uses the simplest of creations to encourage us.
Let’s go bottom’s up together.



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2 responses to “Ducks.

  1. Bob Alejo

    The Schak. Looks like all is well with you and your journey. Any more introspection and you will be turned inside out! Ah, but the thought process is the key. Wanted to thank you for your farewell note. Your thanking me, is my thank you to you. Take care. Bob

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