The Moon.

Afew weeks ago I was driving downtown and found myself extremely distracted on the road because I could not stop starring at the moon. It was huge and orange and absolutely beautiful. This is not the first time I have seen the moon like this, but every time I watch it as if it were. I actually remember the first time I did see the moon look like a huge pumpkin in the sky. I was 10, living in Colorado, and was dropping my friend off after soccer practice. I was amazed. Now, I found myself 13 years later, equally as stunned. 

That evening Kyle and I talked about the moon and why it looked like that, but did not have any conclusive reasoning. However, the next day Relevant posted it as a “Slice.” I have yet to find the slice myself, however, apparently the moon looking large and orange is an optical illusion caused by the moon being right above the horizon. Although I figured that the moon didn’t actually change size and color just for the evening, I was uncomfortable when I thought of it just being an illusion. 

Then, I realized that the pretty moon on the horizon is like many things in life. Whatever is on the horizon, it appears bigger and more dramatic. If something is new and on the brink… then not only do we treat it differently (stop and stare while driving…), but we convince ourselves that it is something special.

I have definitely noticed that trend in my life… and now I am going to be more aware of the deception. Things on the horizon may not be as glamourous as they appear. 

Yes, I realize that may seem a bit pessimistic. However, the sun is also beautiful on the horizon in its comings and goings. And although it is may not be as stunning during the longer daylight hours, it gives us the opportunity to see all things beautiful.


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  1. Kyle Baker

    The moon that night was pretty cool. Startlingly large and orange.

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