Things to do while still living in SB…

1. Hike Seven Falls (Tangerine Falls)

2. Mountain Bike in SB mtns.

3. Take pictures on the bluffs.

4. Make a video of UCSB campus.

5. Botanical Garden.

6. Beach Volleyball.

7. Run to Sambos.

8. Make another video with Chandi. (she left me)

9. Visit Channel Islands.

10. Late-Nite Freebirds.

11. Take Sunset pics.

12. Go to beach for Sunrise. 

13. Margaritas with Ander at Chilis. (Paradise Cafe)

14. Climb a tree on campus.

15. Scrabble in the park downtown.

16. Whale watch…

17. The Palace.

18. Chad’s (it sold. sad.)

19. Four-Person Bicycle thing along the beach.

20. Skateboard in IV to Freebirds, get burrito and skate to Sands to watch the sunset (instead I did the San Diego version of this…)



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12 responses to “Things to do while still living in SB…

  1. Kyle Baker

    Is 6 a one time thing of something to do often? Because you have done that one before. You should also put on there, Make a sandwich for Kyle.

  2. Lauri

    it means that i want to do it alot. and get better. i want to do it for a workout… and not just to do it.

  3. The botanical gardens are beautiful, you’ll love them!

  4. ashlee

    i can do nearly all of those things with you! can we get started?! i will not run to sambos…i’m a baby. and i think kyle should make us sammies.

    and i heard today that chad’s will only be open for about 2 more months…

  5. B

    If I didn’t have this stupid surgery tomorrow I would definitely do the Sambo’s Run!! If you want directions I know some pretty cool trails to get you there!!!

    I’m in on the late night freebirds, however!

  6. B

    P.S. Kyle-you just suggested on Ashlee’s blog that she make you sandwich…are you kind of hungry for a sandwich or something???

  7. Kyle Baker

    I always want sandwiches.

    Lets play some beach volleyball! Or whatever!

  8. Lauri

    Ash- yes. lets do them all. Maybe sunrse sometime next week?
    Dood- Maybe I will make you a sandwich, but its not gonna be on my list. I will make it because I figure that I owe you for something along the way. And, out of the goodness of my own heart.
    B- So, how long is your recovery? Because, I do have all summer. Maybe when you are just getting back to running, and I have been running alllll summer, then we can do it and you wont feel like you are walking while I am trying to sprint to keep up.
    Dood- Good job on trying to organize hikes and stuff. Keep it up. Yes, lets play vball soon. Next week?

  9. Lauri

    and Mel- I am very excited to go. I have only heard good things!!

  10. Kyle Baker

    Anytime! The beauty of my profession is that I have lots of free time at cool times of day. Like right now. Its almost 9 thirty and I am not at work.

    And I don’t want a payment sandwich. Those never taste as good. Sandwiches made by the goodness of ones heart are always better.

  11. ash

    why can’t payment sammies be from the heart???
    what if the old lady courter made you one…ehhh?

  12. Kyle Baker

    hahaha. we’ve only gone out to dinner. nothing home made yet. for those of you who don’t get this, i gave my number to an old lady the other day. ashlee thinks she wants to court me.

    also, i suppose payment sandwiches can be from the heart but i would rather just volunteer with no feeling of obligated repayment.

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