Waaaaay Better…

So, Wendy’s has a commercial out right out now on the radio that absolutely infuriates me.

Well, it bothers me. 

This chicka is going on and on about the amazing shakes you can get there: Chocolate, Vanilla and… even Strawberry! Believe it or not, these shakes are real! They are not processed. The ingredients are real ice cream, and it is made in a blender. I couldn’t believe it!! A shake that was blended?!?! Revolutionary. Apparently it is this technique that makes Wendy’s “waaaaay better than fast food.”

First of all, how did they come to that conclusion? And second, how can they be better than something that they are? McDonald’s is on this rampage, too. The fast food chains are trying to differentiate themselves from the fast food market… and it makes no sense to me.

I hate to break it to you Wendy’s, but people aren’t coming to your restauarant for a gourmet burger, or shake for that matter. Your visitors want it fast and cheap, and as many fillers and additives that will make it as “delicious” as possible. So, trying to appeal to the “I want a nutritious and wholesome meal” market is futile. But, that is just my opinion. Do you think it works?



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3 responses to “Waaaaay Better…

  1. Kyle Baker

    This is my favorite blog post that I have read in a while. Nobody that is going to Wendy’s or McD’s cares one bit about what is in the food! And real ice cream? Please….It couldn’t be anymore fake if it were soy ice cream.

  2. Lauri

    ya. glad you agree. but, dont hate on soy ice cream. it doesnt try to pretend to be something that its not.

  3. …Which is why I choose to eat the 6 Dollar Burger at Carl’s Junior.

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