new car?

So, this may be what I have decided on. The color is Dessert Sage… its the Lexus Rx400 Hybrid. 



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5 responses to “Like?

  1. Kyle Baker

    Remember when I had mono and I had that little “scare” with the green you know what? It was almost this color…

  2. Lauri

    um. thanks. now i will think of your green poo whenever i drive. maybe that will make me not spend as much on gas…

  3. Kyle Baker

    I’m just trying to help.

  4. Kyle Baker

    Whens it coming in?

  5. Lauri

    so apparently everyone else is reminded of poop as well when they see this color. even though it is a brand new 2008 color, they havent made it for 3 months because of lack of demand. LAME.

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