I love my roommates.

My birthday was a couple weeks ago… and I couldn’t have imagined a better week.

It all started when I came home to a clean room. Not just tidy, but trash taken out, dirty dishes returning to the kitchen, vacuum clean. And, there was more to it than what I listed, trust me 🙂 Then, I went into my bathroom, and it too, looked like bald Mr.Clean himself had paid me a visit. Plus, on top of the cleanliness, freshly cuts flowers in vases were dispersed throughout my room. I was speechless… and humbled. 

That was more than enough, but they took it even further. I woke up in the morning to healthy blueberry pancakes and eggwhites–my ideal perfect breakfast, with my fav oatmeal cookies to spice it all up! 

So, clearly they are amazing. I am having a hard time explaining what I experienced as they kept serving me… and then, on top of that, they gifted me with things that were exactly me. It was personal. They know me. Their service spoke volumes to me because it took from their time; which is ever so valuable. And their gifts made me feel known in a way that I hadn’t realized I had shared. 

It feels good to be known.

ps. I started this post forever ago.. but lacked the words to describe the experience appropriately. Now here I am, almost 2 months later, still lacking words. Thus goes my life. 


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