So… I really want to get into this whole blogging world. 

I do feel out of it. 

And it is very amusing to me right now that nobody reads these because nobody knows it exists. But, I write as though I have a huge audience. Really though, it is just me talking to myself. Which, in all honesty is good for me. It makes me have complete thoughts. Sorta. My mind is always a million places at once (ok maybe 5) that I find it extremely difficult to be coherent. 

I think that is my goal in this blog. I want my thoughts to become more coherent. I want to better be able to express myself. Oftentimes I find myself in conversation with people just trying to sort out my thoughts and realizing that I am only half way making sense to myself. So. My goal: To become a coherent and expressive human being. Help me!!


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